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Hi friends and fellow hibiscus enthusiasts:

Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Johnson, Dick to friends.  In my retirement years I have zeroed in on what I love best, i.e., hybridizing tropical hibiscus. It only requires, time, soil, water, and sunshine to derive great personal reward by producing flowers that would have never existed before. There is a great satisfaction in getting up in the morning to find a world premiere, first ever bloom that you in cooperation with mother nature have created. I do this simply for my personal pleasure as a glorified hobby. As I live in Tahiti, a definite paradise on earth in many ways, and as my flowers are produced here, I have named this endeavor and website Hibiscus Of Tahiti. I grow the vast majority of the parents plants and seedlings on the roof of my home, since I have very little land area around my house. Most of my hybrids begin with the prefix Tahitian and they have become renown around the world. A number of them are world class flowers that have won many awards. For example -Tahitian Princess, Tahitian Purple Splendor, which happen to be a couple that have won the prestigious title of Hibiscus Of the Year with the International Hibiscus Society.
I have now registered nearly 1,500 varieties with many more to be registered. Although I hybridize for my personal pleasure, I find reward in sharing with others. Here in Tahiti, I provide some of the best to a local propagator in Moorea, who commercializes them. I receive no monetary compensation, just the knowledge that through his efforts these beauties may be appreciated by others and not become prematurely extinct. Likewise, I have sent my hybrids with friends around the world which has resulted in worldwide recognition not only for the flowers I have produced but also for Tahiti, my adopted home. I have given away thousands of seed. Many of the resulting plants and their beautiful flowers have been registered by the growers who provide their own names. If you would like to see my registered varieties go to the link below and type Johnson Richard into the hybridizer box and click search.
CV Search Engine
By way of background, this website has been inaccessible to me for a great many years. At this late date I have finally found a means to update it, as some of the thoughts at the time it was created in the year 2000 have never come to fruition. Many plant people growing diverse kinds of flowers, for example in my case Hibiscus, Adeniums, Amaryllis, Orchids, New Guinea Impatiens, etc., have sometimes had passing thoughts of doing something commercial. However, in my retirement years I quickly realized that producing plants for sale was hard work, i.e., propagation, transplanting, maintaining, transporting, selling etc. which is just another job. Moreover there is little personal reward in duplicating something that has already been invented . Retirement generally means financial freedom based on past performance benefits so the goal becomes to find something one enjoys, which for me is the great pleasure I get from hybridizing.

"Hybridized by Richard Johnson - Scroll to advance photos"
Tahitian Taui

On the pages of this website I would like to share information on hybridizing and growing hibiscus and show you some of the many beauties I have created. Should you care to reach me, I can be contacted at my personal email

Website created in the year 2000; last updated November, 2006; no updates between 2006 and 2020; newest updates June, 2020

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